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Irrigation Services

Northern Irrigation Package

This entails a spring start-up, fall winterization and one visit during the summer to make sure everything is in working order.

During your summer check-up we will perform a multi-point inspection to make sure the clock is programmed correctly, heads are adjusted and spraying properly and checking for any leaks.

Spring Start-Up

Let Northern Property Services start up your system in the spring to insure that it’s ready to perform at 100% during the summer months.

• Turn on the water to your system.

• Set the controller and rain sensor to the proper time and date along with the correct watering cycles.

• Adjust the rotors and spray heads to insure proper coverage so that your water usage can be maximized.

• Check the heads for any leaks and insure that they are functioning correctly.

• We can also replace any broken heads and fix any leaks at an additional charge with approval.


Northern Property Services starts winterizing systems in early October when the weather begins to turn cooler. This is the most important service of the year as it prevents the pipe, heads, back flow device, and valves from freeze damage.

•We will turn off your water to your system.

• We use our high CFM air compressor that is attached to your sprinkler system at the backflow to force out water that is left in the lines.

• Check vital parts of your system for any damage during the winterizing process. This service is key to insure that your investment will be ready to go in the spring.

• We will also note if any there are any repairs or leaks that will need to be addressed in the spring.

Maintenance & Repair

Northern Property Services can repair any split pipe from freeze damage that includes poly, PVC, copper downstream of the backflow device, and galvanized pipe. We also replace damaged valves, rotors, spray heads and controllers.

Northern Property Services also performs general service calls during the summer to insure that your system is in top working order.

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